Energy Healing

Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.
— Sai Baba

Elke’s unique abilities as a Healer enable her to tap into healing information through a variety of pathways called 360° Health & Healing©. 

Her training as a Reiki Master,  Intuitive Healer and Medical Intuitive allows her to sense and heal your energy fields and subtle bodies. Energetic blockages can be removed and corrected through energy healing techniques and Reiki healing. Any adverse event can leave energetic damage to not only the physical body, but also to the soul, spirit and energy bodies of a person. 

Mainstream medicine does not address those etheric energetic bodies, which is a grave oversight and can lead to worsening of countless conditions and creates chronic ailments.
Elke's highly sensitive nervous system (she is an intuitive empath) allows her to sense your energies in her own body. She is clairsentient and has high perceptive skills.

In addition, your energetic meridian systems in your body can be accessed via AcuGraph readings ( You will be given a print-out of your energies after assessment, so you can see what conditions may require adjustment.  This information can be taken to a physician for further consultation and evaluation if necessary. Electro-Accupuncture can treat energetic imbalances.