Workshops & Teaching

Elke leads workshops on Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, Meditation and Autogenic Training or Progressive Relaxation, which are particularly useful for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP’s) or for people experiencing high levels of stress in their life.

Individual coaching Sessions on Learning How to Meditate can also be booked. Please contact us for pricing.

She hosts the very popular Colour & Connect & Meditate© weekly workshop.

Watch this space for announcements and dates.

Elke also instructs One-on-One methods for pain control at her office in Shellbrook.

            Training and Mentoring for Medical Personnel

Do Everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it any other way
— Amrit Desai

Novel treatment concepts and approaches for the treatment and diagnosis of diseases

  • Training in Compassion and Emphatic Listening
  • Training in Energetic Medicine

Unfortunately, today we find a distinct lack of understanding in mainstream medicine about alternative and energetic methods of healing.

Elke is presently developing a training course/workshop for physicians or individuals working in the medical/healing fields who wish to offer their patients more successful approaches and healing options that also include metaphysical principles of healing.
Many physicians today are frustrated by the lack of treatment options available for their more challenging patients, so learning new and novel approaches to emerging diseases can be very helpful and rewarding. Compassionate care needs to find its way back into the practice of medicine and often unconditional empathy and love for patients will allow for space in which patients can heal themselves. This cutting edge training is being developed based on years of experience with a system that has become ineffective, cost-prohibitive and a bloated money machine that has lost its connection to the human heart.
It is time to scale back the approach to what works and to combine ancient proven healing practices with modern cutting edge technologies to give patients non-invasive and gentle treatment options that are successful.
The time of light and energy has arrived.
Please approach us for upcoming training and seminar dates.

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