Intuitive Astrological Counseling

Blessed to be a descendant of a prominent astrologer and psychotherapist, Elke probably has inherited the astrology gene. She has been seriously studying astrology since 2006 and uses the information obtained in charts as a tool of assessment, for teaching and for healing, in conjunction with energetic healing. By bringing awareness to how we resonate on all energetic levels we can all rise up to our promises, gifts and find our rightful place on Earth.

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Please note that for all readings an ACCURATE birth time is necessary. If your birth time is not known you can obtain the time from Vital Statistics for a small fee. Readings can be done if the time is not available, but these readings are not as comprehensive and in-depth. If you invest your hard-earned money in a reading please triple-check that the time of birth is accurate. I need your accurate birth date, time of birth and location. 

The soul of the newly born baby is marked for life by the pattern of the stars at the moment it comes into the world, unconsciously remembers it, and remains sensitive to the return of configurations of a similar kind.
— Johannes Kepler

Natal Charts and readings for Adults and Children

  • If you have ever wondered about what makes you behave in a certain ways - then this reading sheds light on your personality traits, gifts and your energetic/psychological blueprint. An astrological reading leads to great healing on many energetic levels. A natal astrological reading/healing reveals the wisdom of why you picked a certain time and place to be born and illuminates your major life-themes. It shows where you have power and it shows what traits you can improve upon and can lead to great transformation. The reading will be recorded and also includes a beautiful art chart. (1 hr) 
  • Natal astrology readings also make a wonderful gift for new parents who wish to know how to foster their new babies’ gifts from an early age. Is your new baby blessed with artistic gifts? Will he or she grow into a gifted mathematician or future engineer? This reading can show you how to foster your child’s best qualities from an early age. Do you have a super-sensitive child? A non-communicative child? A reading such as this can be a valuable tool to really get to know your child. (1hr.)
  • Note: computerized charts can also be purchased for a lesser price. Click here to view pricing!

Solar Return Chart

  • A Solar Return chart is plotted on your birthday and highlights the issues in your life that you will encounter from one birthday to the next. It allows you to plan ahead while being aware of the themes awaiting you from one year to the next (1hr.).  The Solar Return astrology chart can highlight themes like moves, upcoming travel or business promotions,  marriage  etc. 

Transits and Progressions

  • A Transit and Progression Reading tells you where you are at this present moment and describes the energies and issues you are dealing with at this time and for the next 6 months.  Do you want to go back to school? Meet the love of your life? Transits and Progressions give meaning to the NOW.  Prior Natal Chart reading required (1hr) It is similar to a Solar Return Chart, but more specific in regards to timing. 

Intuitive Soul Reading

  • Have you ever wanted to know more about your soul - that elusive part we know so little of? WHO are you deep inside? This is the most popular reading as it sheds light on your soul’s major themes, both in this life and always. Advanced astrological diagnostic techniques and intuitive insight are applied in order to obtain this information. This reading provides you with valuable information into recurring patterns in your life and it supports the development of your soul’s predominant traits and themes. It also shows where healing can come from for you and is powerfully transformative. (1hr)>

Relocation Astrology

  • Ever felt drawn to certain places on Earth? Got a bucket list?  Explore what each location has to offer you. This reading provides wonderful insights into the energies present in each place you visit or would like to live at. Want to find love? Success in your career? Relocate for study? Find your most exciting place for a vacation? The best place to live? This is the reading for you! We will explore the energies of 3 possible locations and the assessment includes maps for all three locations. (1hr)>


Intuitive Medical Astrology

  • An Intuitive Medical Astrology Health Chart reading is a very comprehensive reading that takes many hours to prepare. In this reading, your chart is consulted in a manner different from a natal reading in order to give insights into any physical/emotional/psychological/genetic/karmic predispositions towards disease. 
  • Knowledge of what ailments you may be prone to develop at some stage in your life can help you become pro-active and prevent potential future issues. At risk for heart-disease? Your chart can tell. At risk for any other major disease? Your chart knows this too. Your chart can identify predispositions to psychological pathologies such as depression or major anxiety. It can also aid in unearthing sensitivities or blind-spots we would normally not be aware of.  
  • An Inuitive Medical Astrology reading is particularly useful for autism or other challenging illness where it is difficult to communicate with the child. Often allergies or susceptibilities to particular substances can be identified, which can lead to avoidance and subsequent improvement. Most often, gut ecology is impaired and we have experience in recommending strategies to help heal the dysfunction. 
  • An Intuitive Medical Astrology reading serves to educate you so you can empower yourself. You will also receive suggestions on how to heal with guided visualizations and an energy healing as well.  (Budget 2hrs, but sometimes we run over as it is so comprehensive. These readings are scheduled late in the day to allow for time overruns.)
  • Disclaimer: Note that such a reading is not a substitute for medical care from a medical practitioner. Under no circumstance will we diagnose and our work is considered spiritual guidance. See disclaimer It simply highlights your genetic and energetic blueprint so you are aware of possible dysfunctions. We can also make herbal and other gentle energetic recommendations based on our personal experiences and research.


Astrology Reports

For the curious and those who want quick knowledge, we offer a wide variety of high quality computerized astrological charts. Just send us your name, date and accurate time of birth and the location of your birth and we will email you the report of your choice. Please ensure the accuracy of the information you send. We are not responsible for errors on your part. 



  • Life Path Report
  • Child and Adult Report
  • Karmic Report
  • Metaphysical Report
  • Natal Report
  • Solar Return Report
  • Vocational Guidance Report
  • Mini Natal Report
  • Chakra Healing Report
  • Compatibility Report for 2 people (birth times for both people required, plus consent of both parties) Note: a Compatibility Report outlines how two people complement each other and how compatible they are with each other. 
  • Composite Report for 2 people (birth times for both people required, plus consent of both parties) Note:  A Composite Report describes the relationship that two people create between each other. It does not describe each person separately, but rather the energies and dynamics a union generates.
  • All Reports are $20, except the Compatibility and Composite Reports – they are $25.