Elke's Bio

Profound and deep healing happens when a soul has the courage to embark on a journey into its deepest recesses to then discover the healing light within. It is only through knowledge and with unconditional love and acceptance for all that is, that we are then able to heal body, mind, soul and spirit completely.
— Elke Hutton
 Elke Hutton

Life teaches and heals

Elke’s life has been her teacher and education. Having grown up in Germany, she moved to Canada shortly after completing High School. While raising a family and attending the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC her life was touched by a number of horrific tragedies and severe health problems, which resulted in chronic illness including severe allergies, grave depression,  grief, PTSD, trauma and severe pain.

Thus began her own healing journey, which led her to experience firsthand traditional and holistic medical systems. When these systems failed to offer healing, Elke began training with a number of energy healers and discovered that her great sensitivity really is a gift which can be used to identify issues people are generally unaware of. Highly energetically sensitive, empathic  and perceptive, Elke developed skills not only to heal herself, but also to help others heal themselves through spiritual, intuitive and energetic guidance.

The Eternal Student

From 2006 to 2008 she trained as an Intuitive Energy Healer with Namara Joy in Richmond BC and became a Reiki Master and Intuitive Master Healer. In 2011 she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from UBC in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Elke is also a Member of the prestigious Golden Key Honor Society at UBC.

Also in 2006 she began earnest studies in astrology and has inevitably become a life-long student, probably aided by her ancestral legacy and connection to prominent German astrologer and psychotherapist Arthur Schumacher from Berlin. Today she utilizes a variety of advanced astrological methodologies to gain insight and understanding into what truly causes illness and is able to translate these into successful healing insights for her clients. To her, diseases are “Diseases of Circumstance©” which are created by unfavorable energetic components in this or previous lives. 

Healer’s healer, Teacher’s teacher

Elke is also a healer’s healer; she is able to relate to and work with many other healers and individuals in the medical and metaphysical fields who wish to transform themselves and the current medical system.

Her own healing path has gifted her with great insight into healing strategies that work. Homeopathy, Energy Medicine and Psychology plus Meridian Assessments coupled with Astrology Readings can result in a comprehensive 360° view of the person, which when understood allows for the return of power into the individuals hands once again.


Training, Mentors

In 2008 Elke moved to Shellbrook, Saskatchewan, Canada. She has trained and continues to train with the world’s most influential experts in medical and intuitive astrology (Dr. Lee Lehman, Lynn Koiner, Marcia Starck, Rick DiClemente, Kelly Surtees and many others) as well as in Empath Psychology (Dr. Michael R. Smith) in order to sharpen and deepen her energetic and intuitive assessment and healing skills. 

Giving back to the world

 Pink roses

In addition, humanistic causes are dear to her heart. Elke has been a Director of the Shellbrook and Districts Health Services Project for a number of years. She is also an active Family Advisor with the Patient and Family Centered Steering Committee through the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region, SK, Canada helping to make positive changes in the medical system.

Walk the walk to talk the talk

Her many hours volunteering in various positions in Health Services in British Columbia, her Hospice Training through Richmond Hospice in BC and the fact that her many friends call on her for advice on medical issues give her insight and compassion to deal with the most difficult of conditions. Elke is able to work with chronic health issues, Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder, Allergies, Auto-immune Diseases such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Detoxification issues from an energetic, emotional or physical view. 

Mind over Matter

 Meditation on the beach

Her own journey has taught her how to deal with chronic pain with her mind alone. Unable to tolerate medications and painkillers due to her great sensitivity, Elke has acquired a mind-over matter approach to pain that successfully replaces the need for medication. Elke had surgeries without pain medication and knows first-hand how to deal with intractable pain states. Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, Meditation and very stringent dietary and environmental controls allow her to be highly attuned to her own body and the energy bodies and fields of others. 

 Pink Heart

To be of Service

It is her deepest wish to bring ancient healing methods back into mainstream medicine. She aims to marry psychosomatic medicine with empathic insight and intuitive medical astrology to create a new discipline of 360° Health and Healing©. As the fields of energy medicine and medical astrology further evolve, Elke strives to be a connecting force between physicians, patients, metaphysicians, and other healers on the same path. Trainings, seminars and special workshops are emerging that will teach physicians the practices of long-lost healing arts, so they can bring them back to modern society and aid their patients to help them heal themselves. 

The hollow bones

Elke is also a passionate writer who does not take herself overly serious. Her unique insights on the state of the universe are shared in her “Ultimate Guide to Heaven and Earth Blog”, which serves as the container for her unbounding wisdom and love for humanity and the world. She likes to laugh, is a compulsive renovator of homes and feels compelled to feed (almost) everyone in the world.

 Could you move your aura

Elke is also overly fond of social media and simply wants the world to hurry up to become more whole, kind, compassionate and loving. The ability of Social Media to connect people around the world is one of the most amazing inventions of our times. We can now connect with our Soul Tribes and grow in spirit together. She is a spiritual quote junkie and feels she has no choice but to express her spirituality world-wide.


Elke feels deep in her heart that her mission is to provide humble, ethical and deeply healing service to the world and knows of the healing power positive and uplifting words can have upon a person and the entire world.

Heal yourself and you heal the world.