Elke Hutton

At Elke Hutton Health and Healing Inc. we specialize in a unique type of healing. A balanced approach to healing is available to individuals who are interested in healing themselves from the ground up. Most present healing options are based on the beliefs that our bodies, soul, mind and spirit are separate, so we visit a physician to repair our body or go to church to fix our spiritual issues. Very seldom do we encounter a healing paradigm that embraces the entire being. 

Over a more than 20 year journey, Elke Hutton has developed a unique approach to healing as her life has led her and her family through some very challenging health and psychological issues. Out of those challenges a very special method was born - one that works. Elke is able to combine common sense, ancient astrological assessments and cutting edge intuitive energy healing methods in order to get to the root causes of your health problems. The result is 360 Degree Healing©.

360° Health and Healing©

∞Energy Healing∞Energy Psychology∞Astrology∞

∞ INTUITIVE Medical Astrology ∞

At Elke Hutton Health and Healing Inc. we offer cutting-edge health and healing services which utilize approaches such as energy healing, medical intuition, medical and traditional astrology, Reiki hands-on healing and Acu-Graph Meridian Assessment facilitated by intuitive and empathic perception. If you want to discover what underlying patterns create physical, emotional or spiritual dis-ease we can help unearth what works for YOU. We can put together a tailored healing package for YOU alone based on a number of helpful modalities. The insights you acquire will assist you so you can help and heal YOURSELF. Healing is always an inside job, but with awareness of our unique gifts and challenges, we all have the power to change any circumstance for the better. Our 360°Health & Healing© approach illuminates the big picture of where you presently are and what you need to do in order to move forward in health. 

In essence, Elke calls forth the wisdom of the heavens through her knowledge in astrology –especially intuitive medical astrology, and combines it with sound knowledge of both the physical and energetic bodies. To that she adds the wisdom of spirit. Her empathic abilities enable her to hone in on any issue that needs healing since her intuition is strong. She acts as a bridge between the heavens and the earth to teach YOU how to heal yourself, because that is the ONLY way to heal completely. 

In addition, Elke offers Energy Healing treatments in her office in Shellbrook, Saskatchewan, Canada; and she is also available for Astrology Readings (regular and intuitive medical) online via phone or skype.